Welcome to TLP Creations!

Providing resources that engage a child's curiosity, problem-solving abilities and creativity.


    Promoting healthy brain development and critical thinking skills that help children understand cause and effect in the world around them.


    Encouraging the development of motor skills and nurturing imagination and creativity. All while developing crucial life skills, such as independent thinking and problem-solving.

  • PLAY

    Building social skills such as empathy and conflict resolution, discovering the possibilities in their surroundings, confidence in themselves and a belief in others.

‘Play is the beginning of knowledge’ - George Dorsey


What does TLP stand for?

TLP stands for Think. Learn. Play. I have always believed that learning through fun and experience are two of the key factors in remembering most things!

What are the age restrictions on your products?

Products may have an age restriction on their individual listings but where they do not, an age restriction of 3yrs+ is recommended. This is due to the nature of many of the small parts in various kits/products, which can pose a choking hazard.

What payment options do you offer?

We currently accept PayPal or debit/credit cards (including MasterCard and visa). Afterpay/ZipPay is not offered at this point in time.

I have a large order, can I insure it for damages/loss in the post?

Yes! If you wish to add insurance coverage to your parcel (valued over $100).

This can be selected prior to check out, as a product selection, search for ‘additional postage cover’ or click here.

Extra cover is valued by AusPost at $2.50 for every additional $100 over the initial $100.